Why Your First Stab at Writing a Self-Help Book Isn’t Publishable

If this is your first stab at writing a self-help book, it’s unlikely that you will have the skill set to produce a manuscript that will be able to compete with books already on the market. This is not meant to offend or discourage you. I strongly encourage you to write your book! But I also want you to be realistic about the fact that writing a book requires skills that needs to be learned.

It makes sense if you step back from your situation for a moment. Was the first cake you ever cooked so great that you were ready to have your own cooking show? Was the first picture you drew so fabulous that you hoped to see it in a national art museum? Think about the first time you tried to dance. Were you ready for Dancing with the Stars?

So what are the skills you need to learn to write a competitive self-help book?

1. How to assess the market to tell if your book idea will sell

Just because you want to write a particular book doesn’t mean that anyone else wants to read it. A savvy author knows how to scope out the book market to see what the buying public wants to read next. Notice I said “next”.

Readers all ready have access to the current books on the market. If yours says pretty much the same thing, with minor differences, your book will unlikely be a bestseller. Your job as an author is to look beyond the current moment and write a book that, once it’s written and published, will be fresh, new and innovative.

2. How to clearly identify your readers

If you’ve read any other articles on writing, I’m sure you’ve heard over and over that defining your audience is of utmost importance. That’s what I’m going to tell you, too. First-time writers (myself included) are notorious for wanting to reach a broad audience. Picture a bookstore in your mind for a moment. Can you picture a bookshelf that is labeled “Broad Audience”? No, because it doesn’t exist.

Picture your book on one, and only one, of the shelves in the store. The person who would go to that shelf is your audience. Focus in on that person and no one else.

3. How to structure your book to best communicate your message

A well-written self-help book is not a flow of consciousness. You’ll find a lot of poor advice online these days telling people to write ebooks quickly, without editing or proper structure. I’ve recently seen a service that tells customer to download their blogs so they can be turned into books. If you have a large number of subscribers who already know who you are and are ready to buy from you, perhaps your book will sell.

But your book will not be able to compete in the traditional book market. You might think that there are a lot of poorly written self-help books on the market today. And your may be right. But it’s important to realize that books published through publishers have had the input of numerous publishing professionals such as structural editors, copy editors and proof readers and had numerous revisions before going to press. The cover design and copy were discussed by marketing, sales and promotional professionals. A lot of effort and know-how goes into every book. These books are your competition.

4. How to illustrate your message with compelling stories

One of the major differences between a manual and a self-help book are the stories used to make the message come alive to your readers. Simply saying, “First, do this. Next, do that.” is insufficient for a bestselling self-help book. In fact, the way I am writing this article is not a good example of how to write a self-help book. I’m talking to you, but I’m not illustrating my points with stories. If you’re writing like I am now, you’re not writing a high-quality book. You’re writing a short article in a particular online style. Learning how to tell a great story that emotionally engages your reader is an integral skill of self-help book writing.

Self-help books are selling by the millions, and you can become a bestselling author-if you learn the craft of writing self-help books. It’s something you can definitely learn how to do. The first step for you to become the writer you can be is by recognizing that writing is indeed a set of skills that you need to learn. Don’t become one of the disappointed masses of writers who try to publish their first draft. I want you to succeed-so learn from my mistakes. I’ve made all of the above so I speak from experience. You can do it! I know because you have a message no one else can deliver-and it’s your job to deliver it!

Train a German Shepherd Puppy

Bringing home a German shepherd puppy is one of the most exciting times in any family’s life, you are welcoming one of the smartest breeds into your home. However, you still need to learn how to train a German shepherd puppy because they do not come to you fully trained. They learn easily, but you must spend time with the puppy in order for him or her to catch onto specific commands and potty training. The first aspect you want to tackle when you train a German shepherd puppy is the potty training, which begins as soon as you bring the puppy home.

First, show puppy where their potty area is, but do not expect that the puppy will remember it just by showing him or her one time. When you train a German shepherd puppy, you must physically take the puppy to the designated potty area after naps, eating, drinking, or playing. In addition, keep in mind that puppies under the age of six months have weaker bladders and therefore, they are not able to physically hold their bladders for more than a few hours at a time.

Secondly, when you begin to train a German shepherd puppy, never use harsh punishments, otherwise this will only cause the dog to fear you and take him or her longer to learn new commands because they feel intimidated by you. Therefore, if there is an accident in the house with potty training and you can be sure there will be in the first few days, never spank your puppy or rub his nose in it because dogs do not understand this. If you catch your puppy in the “act” say a stern “no” and then take him to the designated potty area, if he or she finishes their potty, praise them.

While it is not hard to train a German shepherd puppy to begin learning tricks and commands, it is often the potty training that trips a lot of people up. Therefore, make sure before you bring puppy home that you have a designated potty area and that you are going to have the time to properly train the puppy. You cannot expect the pup to just “catch on” to things simply because German shepherds are smart breeds, they need direction from you.

If you are consistent when it is time to train a German shepherd puppy, you will find that you can have the puppy fully potty trained in a matter of days, but this takes an effort on your part to take the dog out several times during the day and even during the night. When you spend the needed time to train a German shepherd puppy, you will have the potty training out of the way quickly so that you can begin to train your dog to do all the wonderful tricks and commands that German shepherds are so famous for doing.

Its Never Too Late to Ready Your Child For School

There are kids who are naturally sociable even in their young age, but some grows up very much of a loner and a quiet type. The latter will be much of a concern for some parents with kids who are unsociable.

The crucial part of a school year is the “First day,” for those kids who are used to schooling and hanging around with different kids, this is fun and exciting! But for those who will come to school for the first time, this first day is scary!

Preparation isn’t just done by the parents but also with the help of the teachers so that children will be in a smooth transition. Part of the preparation could be to give the children an overview of what to expect. Knowing what lies ahead will help the children emotionally prepare themselves and give them enough time to do so. Social activities prior to school day could be through storytelling, games and conversations with group of kids. You can invite some kids in the neighborhood. This will somehow give them a chance to socialize in a controlled environment.

To jump start the school year for them, you can start discussing different aspects of school activities such as teachers, classmates and assignments. Just make sure that you will have a positive light during the conversation.

For teachers, what they can do to participate in this pre- preparation for first day of school, they can send some very welcoming letters to students that says much about how excited they are to meet them on the first day of school.

When it comes to storytelling, it is best to have a somewhat of a fixed program, having a little bit of formality but still fun. Through storytelling, you can very well stimulate the brain, encourage the creativity and increase the vocabulary. Choose books that talk about getting ready for school, classroom rules, making friends, etc. having to put them as part of the story can also help them visualize themselves better in an actual scenario.

One more thing, you can also pay a visit to the school even before the first day of school. Meet the teachers; see the classrooms and some students. Having a firsthand experience of the school even before school starts, will lessen the anxiety and stress. In short, make a TOUR!

If you also want your kids to feel the school year ambiance, weeks or even months before the school year starts, start training them to sleep early and wake up early so they can adjust their body clock accordingly. Do this gradually so they wouldn’t have any adjustment problem. To make it more exciting, create surprises for them so it will be easy for them to wake up early.

And of course, having discussed all these, don’t forget to plan in advance when it comes to having checkups, buying school supplies, registering for school, hiring transportation or service, etc.

It pays to involve your children young or old into social skills activities.

Learn Spanish Grammar With Online Resources – Find Out How to Get the Best Ones

If you are learning Spanish grammar then you probably know that there is a really big number of websites preaching different ways and approaches of learning the language.

This article was created to share some tips on how to search on the internet for various materials and resources for learning Spanish grammar. After reading it you will know all the different places where you can go to put your hands on some tasty materials that will help you with your Spanish.

There are 7 main types of resources available:

1. Ebooks and online content

Good written content is surely the core of your resources base when it comes to learning Spanish. The best places to find some are:

  • ehow.com – just use the search box and input: “learn Spanish” – you will find many articles and how-to guides
  • wikihow.com – search for the same phrase as above
  • Google.com – search for: “learn Spanish resources” and “learn Spanish ebook”

2. Workbooks

If you’re taking your quest of learning Spanish seriously you will need some good workbooks, and there’re no better places to find them than:

  • amazon.com – search for: “Spanish workbook”
  • eBay.com – search for the same phrase as above
  • Google.com – search for the same phrase as above

3. Videos

Nowadays you can use videos to help you learn practically anything. There are many really good instructional videos on learning Spanish around the internet, here’s where you can find them:

  • YouTube.com – search for: “learn Spanish” – YouTube is of course the biggest online source of videos, that’s why it’s the first place to check out
  • 5min.com – search for the same phrase as above – great five-minute videos
  • expertvillage.com – search for the same phrase as above – expertvillage is a massive site with dozens of experts in many fields

4. Mp3’s and podcasts

I’m sure you’re not surprised but the best place to find some helpful mp3’s/podcasts is iTunes. So just open it up, and search for “learn Spanish” (use this phrase).

5. Translators and dictionaries
There’s really one big player when it comes to online translators, and that is Google Translator. It can translate both single words and complex sentences as well. The great thing about it is the fact that it translates as you type.

Go to translate.Google.com to check it out.

6. Forums, communities and blogs

If you want to find some like-minded people you can use blog directories and catalogs such as:

  • blogcatalog.com – search for: “learn Spanish”
  • technorati.com – search for the same phrase as above
  • …and you can always use Google
    Google.com – search for: “learn Spanish forum”

7. Online courses

When it comes to online courses there’s really more stuff available than you can shake a stick at.

You can find them on Google by searching for a term like “learn Spanish courses”.

OK, so there you go. I just told you where you can go to find some really valuable information, resources and materials for learning Spanish.

Correctional Officer Sample Exam – How to Score Big

Correctional Officer exam preparation material for 2009 testing. Newly released test prep series to ensure you pass the Correctional Officer examination the first time. How can you ensure you score big on exam day?

Here is what you need to know:

For starters, this exam is very unique. It really is unlike any other test most people have taken. Therefore, it is very advisable to get some practice before taking the exam. How can you prepare for your  exam? Most people choose to use a Study Guide or Practice Test. Most of the sample practice tests and prep courses come complete with the types of example problems and subjects that you are likely to see on your examination.

Remember, the question formats used on this exam are different than any of the other types of exams you have taken. Therefore, get a practice test, complete with a study guide, and you will be ready to score big on your examination. Secondly, make sure the study material you choose is as new as possible. Meaning, make sure it is up to date.


Because,  this exam changes from time to time. Therefore, it is critical to use an up to date study guide. Preferably one published in 2008 or 2009. In the end, the need to score big on this exam is critical. There is a ton of competition for jobs. As a result, make sure you prepare. Even the hiring agencies suggest you study before taking this examination.

For further reference and a highly suggested study course and prep material, check out the link below. This study guide is one of the newer ones on the market and comes complete with practice problems.

Education Grants For Single Mothers Save the Day – Say Goodbye to Financial Troubles

Education is a right and not a privilege. Given the circumstances of the global economic crisis, this could be far from the truth. Without the finances to pursue education, it could end up being a privilege after all, meant only for those who have the means to get an education. This certainly is not fair and right. Everybody, even single mothers who want to continue and finish their degree, is entitled to the best education they can get.

Fortunately, there is help, particularly for single mothers who want to better themselves so they can give their families a promising future. Education grants for single mothers are allotted by the government to help single moms pursue their education so that later on, they can get better jobs and a higher pay.

Education grants for single mothers are available to help you, but you also need to take that step to make it happen. You would have to exert effort to research, know more about this program and apply for a grant. Do not let a difficult financial situation deter you from grabbing such an opportunity. Help will not just come knocking on your door. You have to search for it and take hold of it.

It is actually easy to know more about these grants for single moms. There are special packages for education grants suited for different individuals varying in interests, fields, budget, etc. Therefore, you will surely find one that is perfect for your needs and interests.

Do not expect though that all education grants for single moms come in big amounts. The grants differ, and while we all want a generous amount of funds to support our education, just remember that any help, especially at this difficult time, is better than no help at all. In some ways, a small amount can still help you solve some of your problems. The important thing is to have that chance to go back to school and work your way towards a better future.

An Online Trading Course Just Made For You

Out there in the while world of internet marketing is an online trading course that has the essentials just made for you. Trading is an option all of us would consider at any one point in our lives and because of this, we need some sort of training and education platform before the newbies enter the market.

New entrants to markets without any form of training will predictably drop out faster than ripe fruit, and while brokers appreciate the new interest in market investment through the internet, they also would like to retain a large percentage of the new investors to beef up their client portfolio. In the end of the day, anyone and everyone needs some sort of training as self education can only go so far and not all of new investors would know where to look or have the advantage of a trading Yoda to consult with. This is where the online trading course comes in and the very same financial institutions and brokerages that would like an endemic of education throughout new investors have set them up.

So we have a support system that will ensure no dunderheads go into the market because this is what is happening in market situations. Newbies, fired up by the prospect of making money on the market from the comfort of their home, charge head first into the clouds and come up onto a wall. That is just plain unthinkable. Unthinkable in the sense that why would anyone go into volatile situations where their money would be at risk without preparing themselves first. When looking at the online trading course, there are certain things you need to look out for and the first thing is the sort of curriculum that they are teaching. You need to understand that some courses are very basic, some are mediocre and some are very advanced, so choose wisely.

Also, find out how they are delivering this course, and whether or not there are any interactivity in the course itself. Make sure that there is a review and feedback system well in place, because there is no point for you to just listen to everything and you cant raise up your hands and ask a question. A feedback system should not only be just an email or a point of contact, but the better online trading courses out there have a live chat function built either onto the website where the course is being disseminated or the software that is normally given out. When you do search online for a trading course, then you would need to look out for these things and more.

Try and find some accreditation when it comes to these courses as well, as just saying that they are good doesn’t mean anything for you if you cannot refer to. So, when you have an online trading course just made for you in the sense that it has all the factors to make you a success, then your day at the market will be all the more better.

Taking Online College Courses for Degree Credit

Online college courses are the perfect solution for helping you meet one of your lifelong goals – earning a college degree. There are a great many people that can benefit from taking at least some of their college classes over the internet, and some people will take advantage of the opportunity to take their entire course load over the internet and earn a degree completely from home. When you are in high school, it is so easy to write off a college degree and say that you just don’t need to get one. However, now that you are more mature and have real-world experience, you understand the value of a degree and are ready to get the wheels in motion for earning the degree in the field of your choosing.

Traditional college classes are great for recent high school graduates, as these young adults typically have the flexibility to set up their schedule and spend their days attending classes and studying. Older adults, however, often have job obligations and maybe even family needs they need to tend to, which makes attending traditional classes during daytime hours a near impossibility. Online college courses are the perfect answer for getting the degree you want around your busy schedule. Today, there are so many degree programs available that allow you to earn the degree in the field of your choosing completely over the internet. You can take your classes any time of day or night you want, which makes it easy to juggle college classes with your busy life.

When you are a busy adult, earning a college degree can seem like an unattainable dream. However, with online college courses, you absolutely have the ability to earn the degree you want in a way that is completely flexible with your schedule. Take time to explore the degree options available over the internet today.

Rescue Worker Benefits From Certification Coaching

When I first opted to go for certification coaching so that I could be a professional Life Coach and NLP practitioner I was not sure where to start. After all I had spent all of my thirties and part of my forties as a female paramedic until the stress of doing so much shift work compelled me to retire early. Although I knew just about everything about taking care of the human body in an emergency I was not as savvy when it came to dealing with human emotions. One thing I did know is that relying too much on your emotions to make decisions could lead to disaster in an emergency.

I am a person who likes to get things done. I am only interested in results that have a positive high impact. I was attracted to attending a transformational certification coaching weekend that by the end of three days would have us conducting our own supervised coaching session. One of the most important aspects of a certification coaching session is that it asks you to make an intensive investigation into what makes you tick. All of the attendees were put through simple exercises that helped us understand how we let negative beliefs define us, how we communicate those negative beliefs to others and how we often give permission to others to treat us with less respect than we deserve.

The certification coaching weekend was not like a regular classroom dirge filled with PowerPoint presentations and the endlessly droning voices of guest speakers. Instead it was very interactive with trainers giving us demonstrations of coaching skills through role playing and practice sessions. It was fun, informative and I learned a lot about myself, especially when it comes to the fine art of validating what other people are feeling. You see, as a rescue worker, I was trained to stuff my emotions in and not show empathy because it was part of the job. You had to tune a lot of anxiety, grief and shocked reactions out from the family or loved ones of the people being rescued or you could not complete your job. During my transformational weekend I learned that it was okay to validate another person’s feelings in a coaching session as often it is that acknowledgement that will help spur your client on to greater change.

I also learned that as daring as I always thought I was as an emergency worker, that I rarely stepped out of my comfort zone to take new risks. I was always telling other people what they wanted to hear to keep the peace. I learned how to ask “purpose” questions, reframe situations and accomplish the shifting of long-held beliefs that were holding me back emotionally in life. I still refer to the manuals that I received that weekend when dealing with the five to six clients that I currently deal with as a life coach every month.

Ways Of Deciding Which Career Is More Suitable For You

It is essential for each individual, especially young adults who have graduated from high school, to make one of the most important decisions of their lives, which is about what direction to take for their career. Some people are extremely sure about what they want to do with their lives, or they have been planning for a very long time, which career path they want to take, whereas some are confused and feel out-of-place, and so have trouble deciding which career is right for them.

This problem is not only faced by the young students, or fresh graduates from high school or college, but is more often than not faced by adults who feel like the job they already have does not fulfil them fully, and so are looking for job opportunities and a change of career.

Basic Tips For Deciding A Career

For planning a successful career, there are many possibilities that you have to keep in mind to explore, and then narrowing down on any particular option is the way to go. Basic tips for deciding a career are as follows:

Consider Your Interests

When looking for the field of work that you’re going to go into, it is important to keep in mind if you have any interest in that particular field. It will not matter how good you are at the job because if you are not directly interested in it, chances are it won’t make you happy. If something you’re doing on a daily basis is not making you happy, you will not be motivated to be better at it, in fact it will feel like an obligation resulting in either you quitting your job, or someone else beating you to it. Because if not you, there will be someone else willingly interested in your field, and so more motivated and efficient.

This is why interest is an important factor, one that should not be ignored as it could take years training for something you have remotely no interest in, and a waste of your time. Making a list of all the activities you enjoy or are good at is the first step, and then prioritising each one against the rest while writing what profession is more likely to go with should be your first step.

Assess Your Skills

It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses, and having proper knowledge of your own interests, strong points, disinterests, personality traits, all these follow when picking the right career for yourself. As each individual is different, and so is separately suited to different professions.

For example, very few people have the ability to teach, as some people are short-tempered and impatient and don’t have the confidence to teach, they will not be suitable for that particular profession, but however they maybe more adaptable to other people. Because they’re good with people, and have high persuasion skills, they may be more likely to be attracted to sales job.Taking a career test is one of the options, if you are confused about your skills.

Get Complete Information

Many times a profession that seems very exciting and interesting from the distance isn’t so in reality, and so for that purpose it is necessary to do some detailed research on it, to know exactly what it requires, as chances are you will not be suitable for it after getting the complete information. Therefore, getting complete information on the education, skills, job description etc required for the field of work, is mandatory.

Knowing Your Expectations

Knowing your expectations from a job is an important task, and one that should be taken seriously. Every individual wants to achieve something unique from their work. Either they want remuneration, flexible working hours, a job that gets you to travel more, a job that is satisfying to the soul, or sometimes a very fast paced atmosphere of work is suitable for some people.

Knowing exactly what you want out of your job, and then finding if the career you’re chasing after is providing you with that, is the challenge.

Get to Know More About the Profession

As soon as you have decided upon your field of work or interest, it is important to get firsthand knowledge of that job from those who are currently involved in them, as well as those who once were, as they will be the best in guiding you through. It will be great for you also to get a feel of the work place and then judge how you feel about it.