Its Never Too Late to Ready Your Child For School

There are kids who are naturally sociable even in their young age, but some grows up very much of a loner and a quiet type. The latter will be much of a concern for some parents with kids who are unsociable.

The crucial part of a school year is the “First day,” for those kids who are used to schooling and hanging around with different kids, this is fun and exciting! But for those who will come to school for the first time, this first day is scary!

Preparation isn’t just done by the parents but also with the help of the teachers so that children will be in a smooth transition. Part of the preparation could be to give the children an overview of what to expect. Knowing what lies ahead will help the children emotionally prepare themselves and give them enough time to do so. Social activities prior to school day could be through storytelling, games and conversations with group of kids. You can invite some kids in the neighborhood. This will somehow give them a chance to socialize in a controlled environment.

To jump start the school year for them, you can start discussing different aspects of school activities such as teachers, classmates and assignments. Just make sure that you will have a positive light during the conversation.

For teachers, what they can do to participate in this pre- preparation for first day of school, they can send some very welcoming letters to students that says much about how excited they are to meet them on the first day of school.

When it comes to storytelling, it is best to have a somewhat of a fixed program, having a little bit of formality but still fun. Through storytelling, you can very well stimulate the brain, encourage the creativity and increase the vocabulary. Choose books that talk about getting ready for school, classroom rules, making friends, etc. having to put them as part of the story can also help them visualize themselves better in an actual scenario.

One more thing, you can also pay a visit to the school even before the first day of school. Meet the teachers; see the classrooms and some students. Having a firsthand experience of the school even before school starts, will lessen the anxiety and stress. In short, make a TOUR!

If you also want your kids to feel the school year ambiance, weeks or even months before the school year starts, start training them to sleep early and wake up early so they can adjust their body clock accordingly. Do this gradually so they wouldn’t have any adjustment problem. To make it more exciting, create surprises for them so it will be easy for them to wake up early.

And of course, having discussed all these, don’t forget to plan in advance when it comes to having checkups, buying school supplies, registering for school, hiring transportation or service, etc.

It pays to involve your children young or old into social skills activities.

Tips On Choosing The Best Flight Training Schools

Learning how to fly an aircraft is the dream of many people today, and there are lots of ways to be able to learn how to fly. Flight schools that offer high-quality pilot training and instruction are available all across the country, but which one you choose will probably depend on what kind of pilot you want to be.

Many people just want to get their private pilot’s license to be able to fly recreationally, and to do this you have a wide range of schools to choose from including local flight schools, usually available at a nearby airport, and mail order training schools, such as the King Flight School and Sporty’s Flight Training that can help you learn the academic part of getting a private pilot’s license before you actually start flying.

However, if your goal is to actually make a living as a pilot in the aviation industry, there are other schools that you can consider as well. Several flight training schools have been set up across the country where you can receive a commercial pilot’s license that will allow you to fly even the largest passenger jets for the major airlines.

So as you can see, there are several ways to go about getting your flight training. You can start off small and learn a lot on your own by one of the mail order courses that were mentioned above before you actually start flying. Or you can get a private pilot’s license by enrolling in a flight school at a nearby airport, where qualified instructors will oversee your training from the beginning all the way to qualifying for your private license. And if you wish, many of these local flight schools can also offer more advanced training including instrument flying and multi-engine certification.

And for those who want to be on the fast track to a career as an airline pilot, the dedicated pilot schools can take you all the way from knowing nothing about aviation to getting your commercial pilot’s license in one fell swoop.

But regardless of which flight training program you choose there are certain identifying marks of a quality flight school. One of these is that the instructors need to be fully proficient in the training that you wish to receive. The school should also have all the tools and lesson plans needed to help you reach the pilot’s license that is your goal.

You should also take a good look at the aircraft that the flight school has for training. They should all be properly maintained and well taken care of, and there should be enough aircraft to be able to support all of the students that are currently in their program.

Before signing up with any flight school, it’s a good idea to visit the school personally and make notes on everything that you see there. Determine if the staff and instructors are friendly and helpful, and whether they honestly answer all the questions that you have. If they are not helpful at this stage, they will most likely not be very helpful when you are a student either.

It’s also a good idea to talk to former students of the school, as they can give you a lot of practical information about the quality of the program and how well their training went.

By choosing the right flight school you can begin an exciting new chapter of your life as an aircraft pilot either just for pure enjoyment or as a rewarding and lucrative career.